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My birthday badge
I held a raffle (link here) a few days ago. Now, the results are in, and the winner is..........


Results! by oceanofmilk
Disco105! Come see me when you're ready~)
Hello guys! So, I have been wanting to make a reference sheet for my OC, but my drawing site (non-pixel) isn't working. As soon as I get the money, I will pay you.
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EDIT: I really need the money (see my featured journal), so if you want a commission please contact me right away!

Hello guys! Commissions from me are finally open~~

Pencil Sketch- 500-1000 points- OPEN
See "Futaba Anzu" and "Chibi"- I can also do full body sketches

Chibi face- 100 points- CLOSED
Base example by oceanofmilk

Complicated chibi face- 300 points

Animations- 500 points (More depending on how complicated)-OPEN

Terms of service:

I will do:
Pink Flower Humans
Pink Flower Gore (Animation only)
Pink Flower Any characters

I won't do:
Pink Flower Gore
Pink Flower Anthros
Pink Flower NSFW
More to come!
UPDATE: Due to some personal issues, the deadline has been shortened to today. Winner has been announced here!

Hello guys! I am doing a raffle for free artwork. 

How to enter:
1: Watch and favorite
2. Write in comments

1st place wins a pixel drawing of their OC from me! They look like this.

Deadline is Feb. 12!

Hiya! My name is oceanofmilk and I like to draw anime~ I might not be the best so don't be upset.

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